Newly Reproduced 57-60 Model 700 Radio Antenna

Having traveled the country collecting Dodge truck parts for the last several years, I have come to realize that the antenna for the Model 700 roof-mounted radio is even harder to find than the radio itself. Many other Dodge truck collectors have contacted me in their search for this antenna and up until now, I've had to turn them all away.

After several years, I was able to collect two complete, original antennas, along with a number of seperate pieces. Using these scarce, original parts, I have had an exact reproduction of this antenna manufactured. This antenna matches the original in every dimension and fits the original Philco Model 700 roof-mounted radio perfectly. At each stage of the manufacturing process, I have made every effort to make sure all of the individual parts have been made and assembled to match the original antennas.

I'm now pleased to make available for purchase this high-quality exact reproduction of the antenna used on 1957-1960 Dodge Trucks.

The price is $285, which includes all shipping and handling fees for US addresses.

Email for transaction information.

If you would like it shipped to an international address, please email me for a shipping quote.

Philco Model 700 Radio Antenna

The antenna measures 35 inches from bottom of the pin to the ball on the end and 32 5/8 inches from the top of the knurled nut to the ball on the end.

Source Material

To show the accuracy of the reproduction, a new antenna is pictured below with two original antennas.

Philco Model 700 Radio

The Model 700 radio was optional equipment in Dodge and Fargo Power Giant (Powergiant) trucks during the following years: 1957 (57 K Series), 1958 (58 L Series), 1959 (59 M Series), 1960 (60 P Series). 1957 is often known as part of the Forward Look era.

The radio was available on the following Dodge and Fargo truck models: Two-Wheel Drive D100, D200, D300, D400, D500, D600, D700, D800, D900, C500, C600, C700, C800, C900, C1000, CT700, CT800, CT900, CT1000, Four-Wheel Drive Power Wagon (Powerwagon) W100, W200, W300, W500.

The Model 700 radio was available for Town Panels (Townpanel), Town Wagons (Townwagon) and Conventional Closed-Cab trucks, which came in the following body styles: Chassis Cab, Sweptline Pickup (Swept Line), Sweptside Pickup (Swept Side, Swept Wing), Utiline Pickup (Stepside), Stake, Cab-Over-Engine (COE, C.O.E.), Low-Cab-Forward (LCF).

According to a sales manual from 1959 the Model 700 radio kit retailed for $59.60, which was one of the more expensive options. In comparison, the windshield stainless trim (molding, windshield, outer, bright metal) retailed for $7.55.

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