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1958 W100 Orange in WI, Mine

This 58 W100 is an early truck with no VIN tag. It has dual headlights, which may or may not be original. I found this truck near North Platte NE, Clarence told me where it was. Thanks Clarence!

This is a big back window, 315 V8, 4spd truck. I am in the process of rebuilding it right now, and I have redone almost all of the brake and steering knuckle parts.


I have had a friend repair a small rust hole in the floor(the only rust in the whole truck), and repair all the dents. The rear fenders have been replaced with nice straight rust free ones.

I got another grill for it, and had one small tweak in the front bumper repaired. I had the replacement grill, bumper, and rims sandblasted, and painted in the correct trim color for 58 Dodge trucks.

I also had the running boards, spare tire carrier, brake drums, backing plates, steering knuckles, and taillights sandblasted and painted black

I have had the gas tank cleaned and sealed, replaced the sending unit with an NOS one, and put new filler and vent hose on.

I have put all new 8.00 17.5 tires on the truck, 2 old style traction tires on the rear, and 2 newer street tires on the front. The spare is a old tire, but it is still in good shape.

The brakes have been rebuilt completely, new wheel cylinders, new solid lines, new rubber lines, new springs, turned drums, new shoes, and silicone fluid.

The steering knuckles have new races, bearings, seals, spindle bushings and shims.

The seat has been replaced with one that has a good cover, and the passenger side trim plate on the dash was replaced.

The damaged drag link was replaced as well.

The original engine was locked up, so I found a running 58 Dodge truck 315, and installed it, along with a new clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and pilot bushing.

The farmer bumper that damaged the original rear fenders has been removed.

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