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1959 W100, Erik's in NE

Erik is restoring this 59 W100, he is putting in a 315 Hemi, and he has gotten a new front clip and cab from a D500.

Here is what he has to say:

Well, here she is, a 1959 W100, as purchased in 1991 (top pic) . My father and I purchased it to haul wood, with the intention that I would get it when I turned 16. Get it I did, and we continued to haul wood until my first year in college. In '97 we got another 4x and retired the old Dodge to the stall next to the garage. There she sat for 2 years, with an occasional starting and driving to keep check on deterioration. Restoration began in the summer of '99 with a complete teardown of the truck. The following sequence shows progression of the project. I started first with the front end (2nd pic), (3rd pic), continuing onto the doors, then lifting the box and cab off separately. I have those photos, but they are a little hard to make out...

...This is the engine sitting on the frame and chassis (4th pic). It is a '66 318 out of God knows what. It is a strong runner however, and I plan to put it in a future project. Here is a pic of the finished frame (5th pic). Notice the upside down tranny mount. It was easier and cleaner for the sandblaster to get in the tight areas when I attached it like this. In the spring of '99, I found and purchased a D500 in Haigler, NE on the way home from an auction in CO. Later that spring I traveled back to Haigler and picked up the cab and fenders, lifting the entire front end off the truck with a loader. The cab is mounted on a handy rotisserie(6th pic), on which we can handle body work on all sides of the cab. These are all the pics for now. Will be sending photos of the 315 hemi and other miscillaneous items.

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