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Power Giant W200s

Someday I hope to make this site more comprehensive, but for right now I put up the pictures that I had of 1957-1960 W200s. Hopefully I will get more stories, and pictures of other trucks and then I can make this site more useful.

If you have any information to offer, model year details, modern part numbers, or just stories about how you use, or repair your 57-60 W200 I would be interested.

You can reach me at townwagon@hotmail.com

PG W200s came in 116" wheelbase only, and were available as cab chassis, 7 1/2' pickups beds, or flat beds. In 1960 Dodge made the Sweptline bed available on the W-series trucks, and so you could get it on a W200 in that year only. From 57-60 all W200s had six bolt rims, Dana 44 front axles, and full floating 8 3/4 corporate rear axles.

VIN decoding and production number information

57 W200 For Sale in MN

57 W200 Unknown

(may not be original, as is has incorrect 2wd fenders, no PW tags and a 2wd front bumper)

57 W200 For Sale in AK

Nathan's 57 W200 in CO

(link to his website, this truck has been modified with incorrect front fenders, and 8 bolt rims)

57 W200 at VPW
57 W200 in Sweden
57 W200 in MN Junkyard
Erick's 57 W200
57 W200 Unknown
Bruce's 57 W200
57 W200 in IN
58 W200 in CA
Chris Wilsey's Green 58 W200
Chris Wilsey's Red 58 W200
Jason's 58 W200 in UT  

58 W200 For Sale in OR


58 W200 in TX without a Roof

Matt Gordon's 58 W200

(Factory Cab Chassis, or Stake truck)

58 W200 Yellow at VPW Rally
Matt Gordon's 58 W200 Red
Matt Gordon's 58 W200 Green
Matt Gordon's 58 W200 9 Foot Bed
58 W200 in MT at Auction
58 W200 Yellow

Mike Chiodo's 58 W200

(has incorrect 59 grill, I checked the VIN)

58 W200 in CA
My 58 W200
3 58 W200s in CA
Don Evans 58 W200
Carl S's old 58 W200

David Kimble's 59 W200

Currently for sale:

Click here to see full ad

Matt Gordon's 59 W200

Lui Collie's 59 W200

(link to his website, does not work with Netscape)

Mike Y's 59 W200 in WI
59 W200

Ron's 59 W200 in IN


59 W200 in MN

Don Evans 59 W200

(with non factory sweptline bed)

Joe's 60 W200 in WI
Brad Z's 60 W200

60 W200 in VA

(Has 61-66 TW/TP front fenders and grill, and a 58 cab)

Jared Weeks 60 W200
60 W200 in WA
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