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1957 W200 in Sweden

This 57 W200 used to belong to Peter Zelander in Sweden, he sold it several years ago.

Here is his description of the truck, and other Dodges in the country:

The 57 W200 was sold in -89 or 90. It had a stepside bed, big rear window, factory PTO winch (gone before I bought the truck), six cylinder and 4 speed. It ran great, but the fenders and doors were rusty.

I don`t know for sure but rumor says it was imported in -57 by the Swedish general agent for Chrysler: "Philipsson", together with two more of the same type, to be used at their dealerships.

One more of these might exist, as I saw an ad five or some years ago, for a -57 W200 for sale in Sundsvall, at the same there was also a light green -57 D100 stepside fore sale in Gothenburg that was newly imported from the US. I`ve also seen two early sixties Town Panels, which I believe still exist.

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