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1958 W200 Green FOR SALE!

I found this 58 W200 in NE while in the area buying a 58 W100, and a 59 W100 in March 2001. It was a former Power Co. Truck. I bought it in January 2002, and brought it home.

It is a 230 ci flat head six truck, with a 4spd and 4.10 gears.

There is NO rust in this truck(except for light surface rust, no pitting, no holes), all sheetmatal is solid, and has only small dents

I have replaced the rusted door(it rusted do to a broken window, the floor on that side of the truck still has original paint on it), and the broken windows. I got it running, rebuilt the carb, repaired the brakes, and replaced the rear third member.

All four brakes work, and the pedal feels just about as good as the 58 I have that got a complete brake rebuild.

I also fixed all of the wiring, so now all the lights work, running lights, headlights, turn signals, dash lights(including the turn signal indicator, and the high beam indicator), and the aftermarket spot light.

All of the dash gauges work, as does the generator and oil light.

The tires are all somewhat dry rotted, and have little tread left, but they hold air.

I have replaced the damaged grill, straightened the front bumper, and fixed the dent in the drivers side fender. I also stripped and painted the grill, front bumper, and headlight surrounds.

The truck runs and drives well, and would take very little to be used regularly on the road(mostly it needs tires).

I am asking $4,500 for the truck as it sits, I have a clear NE title for it.

I will replace the bed with a nice 7 1/2 footer, with tailgate for $700 extra (though I have found the box in the bed to be very handy, it holds TONS of parts).

This truck is currently located in Madison WI, please contact me at townwagon@hotmail.com, or 608 358 3557 with any questions.


Below is the info I wrote about the truck when I first found it in 2001.

This is another early single headlight truck with no VIN on the drivers door truck, just a number stamped on the frame, and a bit of glue where the paper tag was in the glovebox.

The truck is straight, and rust free overall, but the drivers door is total junk(the bottom 1/4 is gone because the window was broken), and the front bumper is bent(which tweaked the front fenders a bit). The rear third member is bad, so the owner has pulled it along with the rear driveshaft, which is in the bed. The brakes work, and the engine runs when you pour gas down the carb. The previous owner said he had been driving it around on just the front axle, as he was having trouble finding a new third member. Most of the glass in this truck was bad, and the seat cover was ripped. There is a bullet hole(small) in one door, I think that is what happened to the windows as well. The bed has been shortened to make room for a lock box, I would guess for holding tools, the job was done well. There was no tailgate.

Thanks to Clarence who lead me to this truck, and the Orange 58 W100 that I bought in 2001.

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