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1958 W200 Green at MT Auction

I found out about this 58 W200 from an Auction ad in a Mopar magazine, it was listed as a 58 W100, and was listed along with 3 1957 Sweptsides, a WWII 1/2 ton 4wd Panel, many other 2wd Dodge trucks, and LOTS of Mopar cars. The auction was in Billings MT, and a couple of friends of mine and I decided to go to it. This truck was a W200, not a W100 as listed in the ad. The confusion came about because there was a 100 tag on one side of the hood, and a 200 tag on the other. I checked the VIN, it was a 58 W200.

This was an early single headlight truck with no VIN tag on the door jamb, just a number stamped on the frame. You could see where the paper VIN had been in the glovebox, but all that was left was the glue residue on the back of the glovebox.

This truck was super clean, no rust no dents, the engine ran great and it had working brakes. The truck appeared to be all original except:

The running boards had been removed, and the hangers cut off.

The original 3spd had been removed (along with the column shifter), and a 4spd from a 2wd (still had the brake band on it) was now in place.

The original single stick shifter for the transfer case was gone, and in its place someone had cobbled in a dual lever setup out of another Dodge truck.

There were a couple of things wrong with it, like bad bed wood, and the shock mounts were broken off the front axle, but it was a nice truck.

We talked to many people about this truck all day, and we were hoping to get it for around $1,000, as there was little real interest. But when the bidding started a guy got up in the bed of the truck like he owned it, and kept pushing up the bid until it was at $2,700. Still a fair price for the truck, but this guy had the look of one who will not stop, so we gave up.

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