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1958 W200 Teal Mike Chiodo's


Mike Chiodo of Colfax, IA owns this 58 W200 as of Feburary 9th 2002. He has brought it home and is starting to complete the restoration started by VPW.

Another truck soon to be on the road!

OLD blurb about this truck:

This 58 W200 has been at VPWs for quite a while, I think they are asking $3,500 for it.

Despite it's 59 grill it is a 58 W200, I checked the VIN number. This truck appears to have been built up of parts they had laying around, as the front fenders are from a D400-D600 (no holes for PW tags, or the 6, plus they hang down to far). The cab appears to be correct for this truck, as is it a 58 cab, but incorrect hanging pedals have been used. The gas tank is for a Flat fender PW I think, it is at least not correct for a 58 W200, as the filler is in the wrong place. This is a factory flat six truck, but it currently has a 315 style V8, which has the number VT33420852(most likely a 57 D100 motor, but the number is not quite right). There is no bed wood, and the taillights are aftermarket. On the good side it has a good looking paint job, and there does not appear to be any serious rust or dents.

Serial number listed on the website L62L167581.

Serial number I got off the frame L6W2L10708, I may have read it wrong, but I don't think so.

Cowl tag on the cab reads L8893

Click here to see the ad at VPWs site

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