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1959 W200 David Kimble

Ad from the PW page:

1959 DODGE POWER WAGON W-200 $7500 I have owned this truck since 1975- pictures taken aug 2001- not sure of the mileage as the speedometer didn't work for a period- odometer has 103,772- in 1980 the speedo was fixed- since 1982 the truck has gone 10,090 miles- runs well- 318 rebuilt in 1977 (about 20,000 miles ago)- many things were done at this time- valves- new brakes- front leaf springs re-arched- new shocks- dualmatic hubs- unfortunately has mostly sat for the last 10 years (has been driven every once in a while just to keep things lubricated)- 4 speed- transfer case rebuilt in 1978- it is a W-200 with factory duals (budd type wheels- 16") - it has a short factory flatbed (7' 6" overall) with factory stakes- hasn't been licensed since 1991- (we have 6 cars insured at the present)- truck and interior was painted in 1985 and has since faded and failed in about 20 places (silver dollar-size)- the truck has very little rust- virtually none on the body- worst place is on the lip (for the floor mat) above the stepwell- SW gauges- mico brake lock- shop built additional gas tank (20 gal 35 total) and matching toolbox and reciever trailer hitch- Things that could use work: paint is serviceable but would need to be repainted to be really nice- has a dent passenger side fender (can be seen in photo- close-up photo on request)- rust spot above stepwell (photo on request)- seat cover has been duct taped- steering is loose- drivers side door tumbler missing- wheels need repainting- one board in the flatbed should be replaced- tires have tread but are weather-checked- Very solid truck- additional photos and information through e-mail-dkimble@palouse.com David Kimble Palouse, Washington 509.878.1557

My feelings:

I don't think this is a factory stakebed as it does not have the correct little wheel wells in the bed. Of course I am not saying this truck did not begin it's life with that stakebed or one like it, I am only saying that the stakebed on it now does not look like the pictures I have seen of a Dodge factory stakebed. Otherwise the truck looks good! the front fenders are hard to find when they are straight like that.

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