What's New?
This page will list the updates I make to these pages to make it easier to find the updated information.
July 28, 2001 Eric's Dodge PG PW page is born!
August 1, 2001 Put up the W200 page
August 2, 2001 Updated Jeff Shriners page with new pictures, and updated the W300 page with a new picture of Jeffs truck.
August 2, 2001 Put up the W100 page
August 28, 2001 Put new pictures into W100, W200, and W300, added a Town Wagon page, and uploaded pictures to that as well. This bring the total number of 56-60 trucks pictured on this site to 148! All the W100, W200, and W300 Serial number pages are done now.
September 4, 2001 spent all weekend sorting pictures and writing small webpages, but I finally finished all the pages with more pictures of each truck in the W200 section! the W500, W300, and W200 pages are all done now. I just need to finish the W100 and TW/TP section and I can move on to other parts of the website. There are now 157 different trucks on this website, keep those pictures coming!
September 15th, 2001 Added a White 57 W200 from Alaska
September 27th, 2001 Added 2 1960 W300s to the W300 section, 2 1959 W100s to the W100 section and added more links to the links page.
October 18th FINALY finished the W100 section! All the pictures I have are uploaded, and all the trucks have their own page. I only have to finish the TW/TP section now.
October 19th added three trucks from the 1999 VPW rally, a 58 W100, a 57 W100, and a 58 W300. There are now 170 different trucks on this website!! I am aiming for 200 by the end of the year!
October 26th added two new W100s, a 57 and a 58
December 10th added a 60 W300, a 58 W300, and new pictures for both a 58 and a 59 W300
December 23rd added a serial decoding page, and a page to show you where to find your serial number.
February 1st added new pictures of the 59 W300 wrecker in UT, a 59 W300 from E-bay, and Chris Wilsey's 58 W300 and 59 W300 also updated a couple of trucks that I had misslabled, two 58 W200s are really a 59 W100, and a 60 W200
February 17th added a Engine Number page, and many trucks. From Chris Wilsey's collection, a 57 W100, 58 W100, 60 W100, Red 58 W200, Green 58 W200, 58 W500, and 57, 58, 59, and 60 TWs. From around the country I added, a 60 W500 in NE, I updated a 60 W500 in MT, a 60 W500 that was VPWs, 2 59 W100 TWs, a 58 W100 in MN, a 57 W100 SWB, a 58 W100 in CO, a 59 W100 in CO, a 60 W100 in OK, a 57 W200 in MN, a 58 W200 from a VPW rally, I updated a 58 W100 in UT, From Matt Gordon's collection I added a 57 W100, and a 58 W200. All in all a pretty busy day!
February 20th added a 58 W100 TW, and a 60 W100 TW to the TW page.