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I have been interested in Dodge Town Wagons and Town Panels since 1997, and when I first started looking for more information I found that there was very little mention of TW/TPs in books, and the information available on the web was vauge and at times incorrect.

After spending a lot of time learning about TW/TPs by reading what I could find, talking to people with knowledge, and looking at lots of trucks, I decided to put all that knowledge down in one place so it could help other people.

Not everything on this page is 100% accurate, I am sure that given the vast qauntities of changes Dodge made over the years, and my experiane not incluging every TW/TP ever made, makes it possible that errors will occur.

But use the knowledge on this page with this in mind, everything I put up is the best information I have at the time, and I will update it if I find I am wrong. So please E-mail me with any disagrements.

I have grand plans for building this sit into a vast storehouse of knowledge, but time is a valuble thing and I only have so much of it.

I will be adding sections as time allows, but for right now I have put up the following sections:

The Model Year section has pictures of every year of Town Wagon and Panel ever made. The page has descriptions next to each picture giving examples of what changed that year, and what things are not original on the truck pictured.

The Town Wagon/ Town Panel ID page shows the exterior differances between a TW and a TP to ease correct identification.

The Serial number decoding page has the breakdown of what the serial numbers(or VIN numbers) mean for each year to make year identification easier.

The Town Wagon and Panel picture page has pictures of every TW/TP I have ever seen(when I was carrying a camera) as well as pictures of trucks beloning to





I have been interested in Dodge Town Wagon and Town PanelsAfter looking over the web, and reading all the information on Dodge Town Wagons (TW) and Town Panels (TP) that was available, I found that there was a lack of good technical information on TW and TP.

I decided to write my own web page with as much technical, and detail information as I could find.

I divided this page into several sections to make finding the information you need easier.

The Model year picture section has profile pictures of every year TW and TP ever made. All the pictures have notes next to them showing what is not original or typical about that truck.

The parts identification section has pictures of various parts used on TW/TP over the years, and shows the differences between some of the similar looking parts.

The Town Wagon, Town Panel, which do I have? Page has pictures to show the differences between TP and TW, so you can call your truck by the correct name.

The What does that number mean? page has Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoding information, as well as engine number decoding, axle number decoding, and a key to the data plate. I also have things like casting numbers, and winch dating numbers in here.

The parts interchange page has just what it says, parts that interchange between other years and models of Dodge truck.

The Where do I find that part? page has vendor information, and many new part numbers for parts still available from local stores (NAPA, etc).

Special thanks to all who have provided pictures and technical assistance in writing this web page. Without your help I could never have created this page.


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