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1958 W200 Green with 9 foot bed

This 58 W200 has a 9 foot bed that appears to be original, and came from the factory with a 315 V8, a 4 spd, and 4:88s. The original engine has been gone a long time, but the tranny and driveshafts are still with the truck. All the glass was broken by local kids, who also dented in the hood and roof. As you can see this truck has been sitting a long time as small trees have grown up around it. I hope to get this truck home in the next few months as it is a bit of an oddball.


The truck is now back in WI thatnks to Ron from IN. From what we can tell this truck was modified later in life, not at the factory.

Still it is kind of neat to have a 58 W200 with a 9 foot bed.

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