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Power Giant W500s(and 56 HWs)

Someday I hope to make this site more comprehensive, but for right now I put up the pictures that I had of 56 HWs and 1957-1960 W500s. Hopefully I will get more stories, and pictures of other trucks and then I can make this site more useful.

If you have any information to offer, model year details, modern part numbers, or just stories about how you use, or repair your 56 HW, or 57-60 W500 I would be interested.

You can reach me at townwagon@hotmail.com

PG W500s came in two wheelbases 156" and 174". They were all cab and chassis. Your choices were V8 or flat six, and winch or no winch.

VIN decoding and production number information

56 HW in Saudi #1
56 HW in Saudi #2
56 HW in Saudi #3
56 HW in Saudi #4
57 W500 in unknown location
57 W500
57 W500 Blue, Ron L.
57 W500
58 W500 in CA
58 W500 Firetruck
58 W500
58 W500 with generator
Chris Wilsey's 58 W500
58 W500 in Canada
58 W500 in Saudi #1
58 W500 in Saudi #2
58 W500 in Saudi #3

Matt Gordon's 59 W500


60 W500 in WA
60 W500 in Canada
60 W500 was at VPW
60 W500 in NE
60 W500 in MT
60 W500
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