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Power Giant W300s

Someday I hope to make this site more comprehensive, but for right now I put up the pictures that I had of 1958-1960 W300s. Hopefully I will get more stories, and pictures of other trucks and then I can make this site more useful.

If you have any information to offer, model year details, modern part numbers, or just stories about how you use, or repair your 58-60 W300 I would be interested.

You can reach me at townwagon@hotmail.com


PG W300s came from the factory in three styles, 9 foot stepside(Utline) box, stakebed, and Cab Chassis. Unlike the PG D300s(2wd) which had a dropped frame like that of a D100-200 the W300s had a straight frame like a D400 or bigger, and therefore many frame parts are not shared between the D300 and W300(D100-200 frames, and W100-200 frames are all the same).

The D300 has a 126" wheelbase, and the W300 has a 129" wheelbase.


VIN decoding and production number information

Don Evans 58 W300

58 W300 Wrecker Unknown

(has a incorrect 60 grill)

A 58 W300 for sale in CA
Chris Wilsey's 58 W300
58 W300 Green in TX
Aaron A. Arnold's 58 W300 Red
58 W300 at VPW 1999 Rally
Ned Campion's 59 W300
Allen Patnode's 59 W300
Chris Wilsey's 59 W300
59 W300 was on E-Bay Yellow
My 59 W300

Clarence's 59 W300

(Link to his site)

Paul Storks 59 W300 in OH
59 W300 Wrecker in UT
A 59 W300 in Idaho
Mark Jones 59 W300
Don Evans 60 W300
A 60 W300 Crew Cab firetruck
60 W300 in MA
60 W300 Blue in PA
60 W300 in PA
60 W300 in SD
Aaron A. Arnold's 60 W300

1960 W300 in TX


1960 W300 Blue
60 W300 from FL at VPW Rally
Jeff Shriner's 60 W300 in PA
VIN decoding and production number information
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